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24th April 2011

amelia_eve9:40am: London of 1927 - In Color
Or should that be "colour"? Anyway this film clip is a ten-minute silent travelogue of London in the twenties, shot in very well-preserved color.

I can just imagine Hercule Poirot and Harriet Vane lurking around any corner in this footage.

23rd March 2011

tinx_r7:41am: Wimseyfic: An Ill Wind
Title: An Ill Wind
Author: tinx_r
Fandom: Lord Peter Wimsey
Genre/Rating: Pre-slash, PG
Wordcount: 1350
Pairing/Characters: Lord Peter/Bunter
Notes/Warnings: For hardboiledbaby
Summary: Bunter is sick

Not at all, my lord. I am quite well, as you see.

23rd June 2010

muse_0f_fire9:54pm: Looking For Fic

I was wondering if anyone here could point me in the direction of fanfiction for the Thomas and Charlotte Pitt mysteries. I looked on fanfiction net and I couldn't find anything. :-(

22nd January 2010

dealmaker10110:35pm: and you think he will?
Barack Obama wants to do just that. An $800 billion economic stimulus plan. Three million jobs. Health care reform. A restructured automobile industry.
opperative word "wants to"

Tax Attorney Tax Help

19th October 2009

tinx_r11:12am: Lord Peter Wimsey Fanfiction
Title: Master and Man
Author: tinx_r
Fandom: Lord Peter Winsey
Genre/Rating: Pre-Slash, G
Wordcount: 400
Pairing/Characters: Wimsey/Bunter
Crossposted: smallfandomflsh, slashthedrabble, writers_choice
Notes/Warnings: Pre-canon. Unbetaed, for hardboiledbaby in the Fic Battle, "Bunter is Missing"
Summary: Peter finds himself alone.

Title: House Party
Author: tinx_r
Fandom: Lord Peter Wimsey
Genre/Rating: Preslash/G
Wordcount: 400
Pairing/Characters: Wimsey/Bunter
Crossposted: slashthedrabble, smallfandomflsh, writers_choice
Notes/Warnings: Unbetaed, an "early" (during canon) fic
Summary: An excerpt from the diary of Mr Mervyn Bunter

30th July 2009

diana_hawthorne1:19pm: Twenty Years Later (Lord Peter/Harriet Vane fic)
Title: Twenty Years Later
Word Count: 222 words
Rating: K+
Summary: Yes, this morning seemed like every other morning – except it was not.
Disclaimer: I obviously don't own anything.

Twenty Years Later
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25th March 2009

diana_hawthorne8:03pm: Domesticity: Lord Peter Wimsey fanfic
Title: Domesticity
Word Count: 247 words
Rating: K
Summary: The Wimseys enjoy a moment of domesticity at Talboys.

DomesticityCollapse )
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4th July 2008

queensjoy11:17pm: Sherlock Holmes Mood Theme
This project has been in the works for a long time now - a Sherlock Holmes mood theme! Holmes, Dr. Watson, Mrs. Hudson, Inspector Lestrade, they're all here!

Even if you don't take, please take a moment to let me know what you think!

Full preview, zip file download and set-up instructions located behind the cut.

Full preview here

Elementary my dear Watson... )

17th June 2008

queensjoy7:28pm: 100 Mystery Graphics
100 Mystery graphics. Featuring: anthony howell, emma thompson, humphrey bogart, inspector lynley, jeremy brett, kenneth branagh, lauren bacall, edward norton, paul giamatti, rufus sewell, eddie cahill, gary sinise, melina kanakaredes, carmine giovinazzo, anna belknap, sharon small, nathaniel parker, edward burke, david suchet and many others!

[08] New Amsterdam
[15] The Big Sleep (1946)
[14] CSI: NY
[06] Dead Again (1991)
[17] Foyle's War: Fifty Ships
[01] Foyle's War wallpaper
[10] The Illusionist (2006)
[13] Inspector Lynley
[05] Hercule Poirot
[12] Sherlock Holmes: The Solitary Cyclist (1984)


( The ultimate mystery is one's own self... )

The rest can be found over at ogeecons

12th June 2008

queensjoy9:14pm: agatha_stills
They asked for it...

She was known as "The Queen of Crime" and her books have captured the imaginations of generations of readers. Today, Agatha Christie remains the most popular novelist in history, with over two billion copies of her books sold.

And now, she has entered the world of icontests. agatha_stills is a new Agatha Christie icontest, specially designed for those who love mysteries! Challenges will range from series such as Poirot and Miss Marple, to Academy Award winning films like Murder on the Orient Express, text icon challenges with famous catch phrases and quotes, minor character themes (Inspectors Japp and Slack, Captain Hastings or Ms. Lemon), book covers, the life and times of the author and even Agatha Christie herself!

First challenge will be posted shortly!

Click here to find out why.

11th March 2008

queensjoy7:46pm: Gaudy Night Part I
In celebration of a completely new layout at ogeecons and as a thank you to everyone who has been waiting very very patiently, I give you - Gaudy Night Part I!

This is the third of Dorothy L. Sayers' Lord Peter Wimsey/Harriet Vane books and was butchered horribly when they translated it to the screen. So, I have tried to augment the images with quotes from the book as well as the movie. This the the first of probably three posts for this particular movie, so if there's something you're looking for and not seeing please request it.

The 1987 BBC production starred Edward Peterbridge as Lord Peter and Harriet Walter as Harriet Vane.

[60] Gaudy Night Icons


Follow cut over to ogeecons for the rest!

( I shall with your permission continue to propose to you at decently regulated intervals... )

11th February 2008

queensjoy11:25pm: Mystery_Stills
I am very excited to announce a new icontest.

mystery_stills was founded by those and for those who love mysteries and those who solve them. We will be having challenges focusing on topics ranging from vintage crime novels (Such as the Big Sleep), famous historical cases (Jack the Ripper), fictional detectives (Sherlock Holmes), films (Chinatown, the Illusionist, etc) and crime shows (such as CSI and Criminal Minds) and BBC mystery series like Poirot, Lord Peter, Foyle's War and Cadfael.

We will have the community up and running very shortly, with the first two icon challenges being posted this Friday, the 15th of February. We look forward to seeing you over there!

25th April 2007

nineveh_uk3:52pm: Throwing myself upon collective wisdom
Having discovered that Ngaio Marsh provides disappointingly little actual Troy/Alleyn within the Inspector Alleyn Mysteries, does anyone know of any fanfiction out there? If it's Troy's drunken night on the rug in front of the fire with Katti Bostock, that's even better, but probably asking the impossible.

14th April 2007

queensjoy4:43pm: 104 Multifandom Icons
I'm just coming off hiatus on my icon journal. OK, so I was watching mysteries a lot in between writing papers.
All of these and tons more can be found over at ogeecons>!

[18] Foyle's War
[31] Strong Poison (1987), [3] Love bars, [4] Wallpapers     
[20] The Big Sleep (1946)

[3] Key Largo (1948)
[4] Bogart & Bacall Love Bars
[32] icons, [4] love bars and [2] wallpapers from Vincent Minnelli's The Clock (1945)

 All here @ ogeecons

17th March 2007

queensjoy6:51pm: 72 Fabulous Quotes Part II
Since the first installment was so wildly popular, I have for you all Part II of my Fabulous Quotes series!! Jane Austen, William Shakespeare, Dr. Seuss, Einstein, Mark Twain, G.K. Chesterton, John le Carre, Dorothy L Sayers, fortune cookies + more! [Key to who said what is located at the bottom of this post.]

Follow the fake cut to ogeecons


A facility for apt quotation covers the absence of original thought II... )

11th March 2007

queensjoy9:57pm: 48 Have His Carcase icons
I'm not totally sure this is allowed as I am new to this community, so feel free to delete if it's taboo to post icons....

I've been re-reading Dorothy L. Sayers' Busman's Honeymoon and Strong Poison and felt like getting back to the batch I started but never finished. So here is the long awaited Lord Peter batch #2! Enjoy!

[34] Lord Peter Wimsey - Have His Carcase icons (BBC), Peter-centric
[15] Have His Carcase quote icons


6th December 2006

cesario8:07pm: This is kind of a weird entry to make, but since it is my community, I reckon I can get away with it.

minitrog, a charter member of this community and a friend of mine, died yesterday morning. She had been battling cancer for awhile. According to her friends, she passed peacefully in her sleep.

I realize most of you probably didn't know her, but, to quote one of the many fandoms Trog and I held in common, when a good person dies, people should notice. So I'm just...spreading the word.

That's all.

9th July 2006

thefirstunicorn12:52am: Hello I'm Tom.  This community is a great idea and i'm such a huge fan of almost every kind of mystery (I find it necessary to exclude cat mysteries).  I've written a story and this is the first part.  Also--and this is very off topic--has anyone read the Julian Kestrel books by kate ross?  There were only four of them because the author, who was also a lawyer, died of cancer, but they're great and i really recommend them.

Title: The Greatest Pastiche
                      (part one)
rating: pg-13 for drug use
word count: 1,134
summary: Basil Hallward is told by Dorian Gray that his painting has been lost and, in this story, he decides to take the case to Sherlock Holmes, who, along the way, befriends Henry Wotton and does plenty of cocaine and morphine.

5th January 2006

cesario6:21am: fic
Congenial Defects
by Branwyn

fandom: Mary Russell
rating: PG
summary: Russell relates an evening of Wodehousian mishap to Holmes over the breakfast table.

notes: This particular piece of pure, unadulterated crack came from a post someone made on the RUSS-L mailing list, to the effect of, "Why was Russell's aunt always so short of money, anyway? Was she perhaps blowing it on booze, gambling, and boywhores?" This led to the irresistable mental image of Russell with a hangover, and a few lines of dialogue which plagued me like horseflies.

(In some part of his mind, Holmes realized, he had been waiting for Russell to say the words ‘my aunt’ and ‘self-defense’ in the same sentence for as long as he had known her.)

4th January 2006

cesario12:33am: a fic post from your moderator!
A Curious Intimacy
by Branwyn

fandom: the Mary Russell novels
rating: PG-13
summary: Russell and Donleavy. Before it all went pear shaped.

notes: Russell/Donleavy slash, minor instances of unclothedness.

(She does not think of her father often.)
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27th December 2005

lizbee3:29pm: Yuletide genre fics

It is once again that time of year, when we are blessed (and occasionally cursed) with a million and one challenge fics.  The Yuletide challenge, for obscure and rare fandoms, is always particularly rewarding.  Here, therefore, is a list of Yuletide fics from fandoms relevant to this comm.  (For the rest, may I direct your attention to yuletidetreasure.org?)

[Cold Case] "Little Girl Found" - Lilly must find out who killed a six year old girl.

[Dead Boy Detectives] "The Phantom's Menace"

[Lord Peter Wimsey] "The Fall of the House of Ashcroft" - Lord Peter investigates the disappearance of a young woman. Heavily inspired by E. A. Poe.

[Lord Peter Wimsey] "A Donne Deal" - Peter and Harriet dine with Freddy and Rachel.

[Lord Peter Wimsey] "Whither Thou Goest" - Harriet and Peter are stranded at Talboys for Christmas and Peter is, understandably, annoyed.

[Lord Peter Wimsey] "In A Moment, In the Twinkling of an Eye" - A missing scene from Strong Poison.

[Vicky Bliss] "The Tightrope" - Sometimes you have to confront the possibility that you might be wrong.

[Vicky Bliss] "Marginalia" - Rosanna is in the gravest peril. So why does everyone insist on defacing Vicky's masterpiece?

[Stephanie Plum] "All Locked Up" - Stephanie considers her options when she finds herself in a tight situation.

[Mary Russell] "Bed" - No matter where they go, it seems there is always a bed.

[Nancy Drew] "The Case of the Bollywood Beauty"

[Nancy Drew] "Nancy Drew and the Case of the Missing Mysteries" - A midwinter holiday provides Nancy and her friends a chance to solve a mystery -- and to see if wishes can come true.

[Nero Wolfe] "Thirteen Ways of Looking at Nero Wolf" - Wolfe and Archie, through the years.

[Nero Wolfe] "Make Me An Offer" - Archie needs a job. Wolfe is going to give him one.

[Hilary Tamar] "Refrain" - Hilary, perhaps not with the very noblest of motives, takes Ragwort out to dinner.

[Hilary Tamar] "Of All the Maidens Fair" - A scholar's thirst for Truth is unquenchable even on the most trivial occasions.

[Veronica Mars] "A Little Bit More" - The Grinch lives in the hearts of every good little boy and girl in Neptune.

[Wire in the Bood] "Sublimation" - Tony's dreaming of Carol again.

It's entirely possible that I've missed some stories or fandoms, as I had to depend on name recognition, and my eyes were pretty blurry by the end. If there are any more, throw up a link here -- there's surely something for everybody.

...you know what the world needs? More AJ Raffles fic. Yeah.
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12th December 2005

continentalop4:07pm: Afterparty, part 1 (Hammett-based fic)
This is the first part of a mystery story - you can look for part 2 on continentalop in a week or two.

I'm not much of a mystery writer, really, so I've written what I like to call a "riff-fic." Taking the frame of one of my favorite Hammett stories, I've changed the locations and characters and other details, but left the basic plot alone. Sort of the inverse image of a fanfic. Hopefully this isn't woefully out of place in this community. Bonus points if you can guess the story it's based on, by the way...

AfterpartyCollapse )

3rd December 2005

fictionbya11:58pm: Eeking in just under the deadline, an untitled, unbeta'd, and slightly over the word limit response to the first December challenge.

Untitled Sherlock HolmesCollapse )
kerowyn476:23pm: December Challenge
Well, here it is. I forgot how hard it is to write within a word count. I did go over, but just by a little bit, so I hope everyone will forgive me.

Fandom: Mary Russell
Length: 1,120
Pairing: N/A
Prompt: pallor, ocean, deceiving

Christmas CarolsCollapse )
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27th November 2005

dqbunny12:39am: Is it Nine? Or 10?
A couple months ago, I claimed the Russell/Holmes pairing over at 30_kisses. You're given 30 themes and you're suppose to do all of them, the object being 30 different stories ranging from drabbles to longer pieces. This is the fourth short piece I've done for the Russell/Holmes pairing for that community. I can post the other three here if you would like.

Title: Is it Nine? Or 10?
Author: dqbunny
Pairing: Mary Russell/Sherlock Holmes
Fandom: Mary Russell mystery series
Theme: #10 - #10 for 30_kisses
Disclaimer: The character of Mary Russell belongs to Laurie R. King. Sherlock Holmes is public domain, so I don't feel so bad about utilizing him!
Spoiler warning: This story takes place during the opening chapters of "Locked Rooms," but there's no specific spoilers for the story.

On snortworthy statements and the difference between nine and 10Collapse )

crossposted to bunnyofferings and 30_kisses
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