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Yuletide genre fics

It is once again that time of year, when we are blessed (and occasionally cursed) with a million and one challenge fics.  The Yuletide challenge, for obscure and rare fandoms, is always particularly rewarding.  Here, therefore, is a list of Yuletide fics from fandoms relevant to this comm.  (For the rest, may I direct your attention to

[Cold Case] "Little Girl Found" - Lilly must find out who killed a six year old girl.

[Dead Boy Detectives] "The Phantom's Menace"

[Lord Peter Wimsey] "The Fall of the House of Ashcroft" - Lord Peter investigates the disappearance of a young woman. Heavily inspired by E. A. Poe.

[Lord Peter Wimsey] "A Donne Deal" - Peter and Harriet dine with Freddy and Rachel.

[Lord Peter Wimsey] "Whither Thou Goest" - Harriet and Peter are stranded at Talboys for Christmas and Peter is, understandably, annoyed.

[Lord Peter Wimsey] "In A Moment, In the Twinkling of an Eye" - A missing scene from Strong Poison.

[Vicky Bliss] "The Tightrope" - Sometimes you have to confront the possibility that you might be wrong.

[Vicky Bliss] "Marginalia" - Rosanna is in the gravest peril. So why does everyone insist on defacing Vicky's masterpiece?

[Stephanie Plum] "All Locked Up" - Stephanie considers her options when she finds herself in a tight situation.

[Mary Russell] "Bed" - No matter where they go, it seems there is always a bed.

[Nancy Drew] "The Case of the Bollywood Beauty"

[Nancy Drew] "Nancy Drew and the Case of the Missing Mysteries" - A midwinter holiday provides Nancy and her friends a chance to solve a mystery -- and to see if wishes can come true.

[Nero Wolfe] "Thirteen Ways of Looking at Nero Wolf" - Wolfe and Archie, through the years.

[Nero Wolfe] "Make Me An Offer" - Archie needs a job. Wolfe is going to give him one.

[Hilary Tamar] "Refrain" - Hilary, perhaps not with the very noblest of motives, takes Ragwort out to dinner.

[Hilary Tamar] "Of All the Maidens Fair" - A scholar's thirst for Truth is unquenchable even on the most trivial occasions.

[Veronica Mars] "A Little Bit More" - The Grinch lives in the hearts of every good little boy and girl in Neptune.

[Wire in the Bood] "Sublimation" - Tony's dreaming of Carol again.

It's entirely possible that I've missed some stories or fandoms, as I had to depend on name recognition, and my eyes were pretty blurry by the end. If there are any more, throw up a link here -- there's surely something for everybody. know what the world needs? More AJ Raffles fic. Yeah.
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