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A good grammarian can outwit any word.


Congenial Defects
by Branwyn

fandom: Mary Russell
rating: PG
summary: Russell relates an evening of Wodehousian mishap to Holmes over the breakfast table.

notes: This particular piece of pure, unadulterated crack came from a post someone made on the RUSS-L mailing list, to the effect of, "Why was Russell's aunt always so short of money, anyway? Was she perhaps blowing it on booze, gambling, and boywhores?" This led to the irresistable mental image of Russell with a hangover, and a few lines of dialogue which plagued me like horseflies.

(In some part of his mind, Holmes realized, he had been waiting for Russell to say the words ‘my aunt’ and ‘self-defense’ in the same sentence for as long as he had known her.)
Tags: fic. russell, mod post
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