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Is it Nine? Or 10?

A couple months ago, I claimed the Russell/Holmes pairing over at 30_kisses. You're given 30 themes and you're suppose to do all of them, the object being 30 different stories ranging from drabbles to longer pieces. This is the fourth short piece I've done for the Russell/Holmes pairing for that community. I can post the other three here if you would like.

Title: Is it Nine? Or 10?
Author: dqbunny
Pairing: Mary Russell/Sherlock Holmes
Fandom: Mary Russell mystery series
Theme: #10 - #10 for 30_kisses
Disclaimer: The character of Mary Russell belongs to Laurie R. King. Sherlock Holmes is public domain, so I don't feel so bad about utilizing him!
Spoiler warning: This story takes place during the opening chapters of "Locked Rooms," but there's no specific spoilers for the story.

Looking back on the trip from Japan to San Francisco, I realized that Holmes was doing his best to distract me in his own fashion from my own mental demons. Over breakfast one morning, he buttered his toast and made an unexpected observation.

"Do you realize, wife of my age, that we have known each other for 10 years now?" Holmes passed over the marmalade and frowned down into his tea cup. The tea provided on the ship was adequate at best.

I considered the passage of time. "Holmes, you know quite well I am 24 years old. We did not meet until after I celebrated my 15th birthday. Therefore, we've known each other nine years."

He merely lifted an eyebrow. "Yes, but it can also be considered 10 years. I do wish you wouldn't snort so, Russ. It's not becoming."

"That was a snortworthy statement, Holmes. Part of my basic education was learning how to count. You take the year 1924 and take away 1915. The result is nine."

"Yes, that is correct. Your abilities never cease to amaze me, Russell." Holmes raised the tea cup. As the china touched his lips, I could see the ghost of a smile forming. "Once we passed the ninth anniversary of our meeting, we entered the 10th year. That shall culminate in the 10th anniversary of our meeting next year. So, as you see, we have known each other 10 years."

To be honest, I couldn't quite wrap my head around it - mainly due to the general exhaustion I was feeling at the time. When the years went by and I sat down to pen my memoirs, it left me confused to the point where I sometimes wrote 10 instead of nine. When I realized my mistake, I had to shake my head, smile and remember not to snort.

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